Island Star Party

22th Anniversary Island Star Party

Bright Angel Park, Cowichan Station

September 15th and 16th  


Lat 48° 44.0246’N Long 123 ° 40.5144′ W

Bright Angel Park Map

The following supporters of the 2016 Island Star Party are greatly appreciated:  See the list below and see our sponsors page.

                   Events Schedule



Friday, September 15th

• 7:24 PM Sunset
• 9:14 PM Astronomical Twilight
Saturday, September 16th

• 5:56 AM Sunrise
• 7:22 PM Sunset
• 9:11 PM Astronomical Twilight
• 2:33 AM Moonrise
Sunday, September 17th

• 3:44 AM Moonrise
• 5:57 AM Sunrise

Friday September 15th4:00 PM Star Party Opens
7:00 PMWelcoming
Brian Robilliard
PM Telescope Walk
PMGuest Speaker John Mc Donald
PMAstronomy 101 Sky Tour
PMObserving begins
Saturday September 16th
PM Solar Observing
PMTelescope Walk
PM*Door Prizes and Draws
PMGuest Speakers
PMAstronomy 101 Sky Tour
PMObserving begins
Sunday September 17th
8 AMClean up
10 AMField empty,

Please see the Star Party Presentations Page for more details.


  • Star Party is later this year so dress a little warmer.
  • Be ready for a longer night of excellent dark viewing.
  • The moon rises around 2:20 AM but is a small cresent and will not clear the trees until after 3:30 AM at the earliest (depending on your location on the field)
  • No food or water  available on site,  Nearest stores 10 minutes drive away
  • Throughout the day you can enjoy the parks facilities that include swimming, hiking, outdoor fitness park, and kid playground
  • Flush toilets on site
  • Historic Kinsol Trestle near by