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Paul Randall

Chairs the Annual AGM, directs the Society in all matters of its business, co-signs financial and business transactions of the Society, Co-ordinates the annual ISP, Sets up annual speaker series\features and, Hosts monthly socials.


Brian Robilliard

 Fills-in with Presidential duties if the President is unavailable


Ed Nicholas

Keeps the official seal of the Society, shall co-sign any financial and business

 transactions of the Society, maintains  financial accounts, and prepares an audit of the Society's books for the Annual General Meeting. In addition, the Treasurer s hall have responsibility for all financial and administrative matters concerning membership and, co-ordinates new memberships with Editors.


Nancy Kirshfelt

Responsibilie for the official correspondence of the Society, record minutes of all annual AGM, and provides monthly social highlights to Newsletter Editors.

Public Outreach Officer


Sets up sidewalk astronomy sessions with the public, Helps in promoting the ISP and, maintains the “Reach For the Stars” school telescope loner program.


Brian Robilliard

Keeps the club website current, Administers CVSF Listserve members, and Resolves any website errors with the host webmaster.   

Newsletter Editor

Bryon Thompson

Elicits from club members and Web noteworthy news, Compiles and edits information, Produces monthly "clear skies" newsletter and, Notifies club members of newsletter postings and Social events