2018 Island Star Party Presentations

Astronomy Talks

Friday Night

7:00 pm  Astronomy talk – Jacob Robilliard

“Gravity” a hands on demonstration of planetary movement 

7:30 pm  Astronomy talk  –  Brian Robilliard

Micrometeorites” Ever wonder what happens to all of those little shooting stars?

Saturday Night

6:00 pm   Astronomy talk  –  Mark Hird-Rutter

“3D Printing in Astronomy” How a 3D printer can be an invaluable tool to an active amateur astronomy.

8:00 pm   Astronomy talk  –  Gail Conway

“Planetary Nebulae — Our Sun’s Final Fate”


9:30 pm   Astronomy talk  –  Greg Arkos 

“Electronic Assisted Astronomy” 

Electronically Assisted Astronomy (EAA) – a real-time demonstration

Viewing deep sky objects from our increasingly light-polluted skies is a challenge,
especially with modest apertures.  As a result, we are often limited to viewing the

same (few, bright) deep sky objects.  There is an alternative!  EAA provides a way

to experience the full richness and variety of our (sub)urban night skies.  It even

allows for colour and Halpha views, extending what is possible in traditional

eyepiece views.  Join me for a real-time demonstration of EAA.

Dr. Gregory Arkos is a faculty member in the department of Physics,
Engineering and Astronomy at Vancouver Island University.  He studied
geophysics at the University of Manitoba and space science at UBC
before moving to Nanaimo over 10 years ago to join the physics
department at VIU.  Greg’s interests include all things astronomical,
public outreach, and the promotion of scientific literacy.