Star Party Rules

2022 Island Star Party Rules and Etiquette

• Be Comfortable. Bring lawn chairs, your own food and water.
• Dress warm at night. (It can get chilly in the wee hours!)
• Positively NO “White Lights” after dark! Use “RED” flashlights only! We will supply red
cellophane for your flashlight if needed. “White Light” disables your night vision for 20 to
30 minutes!
• Those NOT camping over and not having equipment to unload please park in the
designated parking lot (just to the left of the entrance of the park) with your headlights
away from the field. Those who aren’t staying but do have equipment to load or unload
please unload your equipment before dark. Please load your equipment with your lights
facing away from the field. Use your ‘park lights’ or no lights as much as possible. Please
TURN OFF your interior light and trunk light!
• If your car is inside the park main gate after 8:30 PM you will be locked in for the night, no
• Most observers are happy to share what they are viewing in the night sky, some are
photographing the sky and will not have any eyepiece to view thru. Kindly ask and most
will be happy to give you a look.
• Be respectful and careful around telescopes. They are expensive to repair. Watch out for
electrical cables after dark. They are “hard-to-see” tripping hazards.
• The Cowichan Valley Regional District has been very generous in allowing us to use this
site. Please clean up after yourselves and use the garbage containers supplied. We do
not want to abuse the privilege of using this site.
• Do not block ANY roadways as they are used as FIRE LANES. NO FIRES ALLOWED.
The park is tinder dry. CVRD rules do not permit smoking in park.
• Please refrain from bringing your pets. If you must bring your pet, ensure they are on a
lead at all times (park rules)

COVID Etiquette For The 2022 Island Star Party

All attendees must be registered and read the COVID procedures for the 2022 Island Star Party.
It is strongly recommend that attendees with any flu-like symptoms not attend the 2022 Island
Star Party.
While Provincial COVID mandates have been lifted, we must be aware that there are still cases
in the community and we must respect peoples choices to protect themselves. To that end we
encourage attendees to be tolerant of people’s choices. We will have hand sanitizer at the
registration desk, and encourage masks during the lectures and outside near groups around