Island Star Party Etiquette and Rules


  1. Be comfortable, bring warm clothing and chairs (we do not have enough and sitting makes the lectures more enjoyable)

  2. Bring Water (there is No water available on site), campers bring your own.

  3. POSITIVELY NO “WHITE LIGHT” after dark! Use RED flashlights only! We will have red cellophane for your flashlight if needed. ‘White light’ disables your night vision for 20 to 30 minutes.

  4. Be respectful and careful around telescopes. They are expensive to repair. Watch out for electrical cables after dark, they are “hard-to-see” tripping hazards

  5. Please refrain from bringing your pets. If you must bring your pet, ensure they are on a leash at all times (CVRD Parks rule) and keep them away from the Telescope field.

  6. Please respect other observers and  keep noise levels down until 10:00am to allow us to refresh ourselves from the wee hours of observing.

  7. Camp in designated areas. There is a small campground available for family camping and designated camping along the telescope field.. Please assist us by keeping within these areas.

  8. Limited telescope power is available. Sorry NO RV power hook-ups are available.

  9. Those NOT camping over and do not have equipment to unload can park in the designated lots with your head lights facing way from the Telescope field.

  10. Those who are not staying but have equipment to unload and load, please unload before dark. Please load your equipment with your vehicle lights facing away from the Telescope field as much as possible. Use your parking lights or no lights if possible. Please TURN OFF your interior and trunk lights. (pulling on the hand brake shuts off the light on some vehicles)

  11. Ensure your Star Party Tag is visible on your vehicle's dashboard (All vehicles parked after dusk without a tag risk towing).

  12. Please respect the parks residential neighbours and limit noise after dark.

  13. Please be courteous to people doing astrophotography and limit your use of  green lasers.

  14. Do not block ANY roadways as they are used as EMERGENCY LANES.

  15. There are NO FIRES or SMOKING allowed with in the park, this is a CVRD restriction.

  16. After dusk please stay within the observing field, shelter area and parking lot

  17. No star party parking in the last parking lot (closest to the playground + swimming) The Park is open to the public during the dawn to dusk, give them room to park.

  18. Last is to HAVE FUN!