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Annual membership to the Cowichan Valley Star Finders (CVSF) Astronomy Society can be obtained in three ways:

·    During the annual Island Star Party (ISP), 

·   By sending a cheque to the society along with a completed membership form, or, 

·   By coming to one our monthly socials and completing a membership form and paying there. 


Becoming a CVSF Member:

·    Click on the Membership Form to download and print.

·    Make your cheque payable to Cowichan Valley StarFinders Astronomy Society.    Send your cheque and completed Membership Form to:

Cowichan Valley StarFinders Astronomy Society

C/O Ed Nicholas, Treasurer

663 Coleos Place

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada V8Z 6G8

·   Come as a visitor to one of our socials and make your payment in person.

·   Once we have received your payment and membership form we will mail/or provide  you with your membership card which will be valid until the next Island Star Party (ISP).

Benefits of Membership

·     Access to the societies four telescopes;

·     Monthly socials with engaging speakers;

·     Notification when the monthly newsletter is posted to the website;

·     Access to the CVSF listserve whose primary use is to instigate impromptu observing sessions; and,

·     An opportunity to socialize and talk about what we all hold so dear… astronomy

Volunteering for Events:

The Cowichan Valley StarFinders Society is a non-profit organization which exists to promote amateur astronomy in the Cowichan Valley.  This endeavour is made possible by the efforts of volunteers.  If you are interested in volunteering  please click on the Contact Us and submit it with your areas of interest.