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13th Annual Island Star Party (ISP) 2008

Start at 4:00 pm July 4th thru July 6th at 12:00pm

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped make our 13th Annual Island Star Party (ISP) a success. 


·       Bill Weir for getting over 25 objects in the Observers Challenge.

·       Timothy Henderson and Paul Henderson for their homemade Refractor Telescopes “Starry Wonder” and “White Comet”.

·       Raffle winners:  Malcome Scrimger (Sky Scout), John McDonald (Binoculars) and Kelvin McCulloch (Telescope).

·       Grand Prize winners:  Joseph Jourdain  - 16-48X65 Acutor Field Scope donated by Pacific Telescope and Alex Schmid - 20X80 Skymaster Binoculars donated by Celestron Telescope.


Thank you to this year’s sponsors. The ISP could not be held without the generous support of the following sponsors.  Please take the time to view the websites and support these individuals:

·         Island Telescope & Science Emporium

·         Celestron Telescope

·         SkyWatcher/Pacific Telescopes

·         Olivon Optics

·         Genoa Bay Cafe

·         Robert Deane (private donation)

·         William Optics

·         Sky Instruments / Antares

·         Ed Maxfield (private donation)

·         John Nemy (private donation)

·         Debra Little (private donation)

·         Anonymous Telescope donation

·         RASC Victoria

ISP Images:     Starparty 2008  ISP Poster 2008 ISP Poster.pdf
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