2022 Island Star Party Presentations

Friday August 26th4:00 PM Star Party Opens
7:00 PMWelcoming
7:15 PM Door Prizes
8:00 PMAstronomy talk “Cosmic Collisions and the Fate of the Milky Way”,
Mallory Thorp, physics & astronomy PhD candidate at UVic
8:30 PMTelescope Walk
9:30 PMAstronomy 101 Sky Tour
10:00 PMObserving begins
Saturday August 27th
5:30 PMWelcoming
6:00 PMAstronomy talk, “The Dragonfly Array,” Dr. Deborah Lokhorst, National
Research Council.
8:00 PMAstronomy talk “James Webb Space Telescope update”, Christopher Willott, National Research Council
9:00 PMAstronomy 101 Sky Tour
10:00 PMNight Sky Observing, please no bright lights!
Sunday August 16th
Clean up and clear the field by 10:00 AM

Thanks for coming